Most medications advise avoiding use whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. There are some natural, herbal and alternative treatments that are more suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers to find relief from their hay fever symptoms.

If you have asthma or sinusitis, allergic rhinitis (hay fever) can make these conditions worse. Also, while pregnant, your hay fever symptoms worsen. This website doesn’t want to “advise” any pregnant women to take medications unless they have been prescribed by qualified medical practitioners. So if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and experiencing allergy and hay fever symptoms, don’t resort to regular medications without first consulting your doctor. Also, consider looking into some natural, non chemical alternative to relieve your symptoms and again, please seek your doctor’s advice.

One natural treatment for allergy irritated sinuses is the old “Nasal Saline Irrigation” technique. This saline therapy involves rinsing your nasal passages with a saline ( a salt-water solution). It may help to rinse existing mucus and allergens from your nasal passages.