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Natural Hay Fever Treatment – Homeopathy

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The best hay fever treatment works by raising your immune system. This is in stark contrast to the normal treatment of suppressing the symptoms, which lowers your immunity. Homeopathy works by raising your health, so you immediately feel relief not only of the symptoms, but also in general. Natural hay fever treatment focuses on raising your immune system. Although your hay fever may have a direct cause, if your immune system is in good shape, your body can work better at curing you. Full Article >

Hay fever is an allergy, which typically affects the mucous membranes of your head. So you get discharge from your nose and/or your eyes. You can suffer with an itch in your nose, your eyes, your throat or the palate of your mouth. Or you sneeze a lot. Or a combination of them.

It is normally seasonal. Grass or certain flower pollen may affect you. Dust and animal fur can also be triggers. But it can also last all year, although the tendency is to be worse in the season that affects you the most.

Mainstream medical treatment is usually with anti-histamines, but this generally tends to make the condition progressively worse over the years.

Is there a more effective, natural treatment?

There are always alternatives to every treatment! Effective and natural hay fever treatment can come in the form of homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy works by raising your immune system. This means that the condition improves over the ensuring years, rather than worsening.

You can use homeopathy in two ways – treating yourself with a few homeopathic remedies. Or getting professional help.

Acute treatment can be carried out at home, by home prescribing. This can be hugely beneficial, even curative if you select the most appropriate medicines for your unique symptoms. But it can be only palliative, rather than curative, in deep seated problems.

For chronic problems, to effect deep and lasting healing, a professional homeopath may be able to help you better. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your hand at sorting yourself out.Your successful treatment needs to start out by you becoming very aware of all your symptoms. It’s not difficult to know if your eyes or nose are most affected. But what about the times of the day you are most affected? Or the natural things than tend to improve or worsen the condition, even if only slightly? Cold weather may made it better or worse. It might only occur with a dry wind. What about other, seemingly unrelated symptoms that occur at the same time, such as an increased thirst or a pain?

To use homeopathy yourself, to be a good home prescriber, you need to be very aware of the subtle signs. In effect, you need to become a good detective. If all this sounds too complicated, then a professional homeopath will be able to help you. Homeopathic treatment can be a highly effective and natural hay fever treatment.

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