Hay Fever Relief Tips

In the case that you are unable to find a suitable medication or remedy to control or cure your hay fever symptoms, there are still a number of steps that can be taken to reduce your suffering:


Keep your home clean and dust free

Avoid high-pile/shag carpets which trap dust pollen and other allergens. Choose low-pile, closes weave carpets or even better, choose floor coverings that are easy to keep clean and dust-free, such as tiles, polished timber floor boards, floating floors and vinyl etc…


Keep your Pets out-side

Long haired dogs and cats are renowned for carrying large quantities of allergens in their fur. If your allergies are triggered by family pets, this can be a difficult problem. The heart says, keep the pet and the sinuses say get rid of the pet! Sometimes there is an alternative to getting rid of the pet, for example: Building an out-door residence (kennel, shed, pen or room).


It is difficult to completely eradicate the symptoms caused by pets if they are on the same property and sharing access to the same area or other family members who can transfer allergens inside. Whilst not always possible (sometimes pets are already there when a family is started or added to), clearly the best option is to only introduce hypoallergenic pets in to your family that are not triggers to your hay fever. If you are unable to restrict pets from inside your house, take measures to ensure that there are some “no-go zones” where the pets cannot go, so that there are areas in your house where you can to some extent, escape their allergens.

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#1 2010-06-05 11:01

Wow, that guy looks like Steve Irwin! I didn’t know that the Croc Hunter had hay fever! So sad he is gone, he was an inspiration