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Hay Fever Olympics

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The London 2012 Olympics, the most highly anticipated sporting event in recent years. As much as it is about winning medals and world records, the main focus is the standard of the athletes competing. However daunting it may be, images of fit athletic physiques on every billboard and TV screen is doing wonders for the fitness and health product industry. As much as Olympic role models want to motivate us all to get ‘get fit’ , for many hay fever sufferers the thought of doing sport outside in the summer time is something of dread. Read Full Article >

Although it appears they are invincible to anything, the olympic athletes competing in the games aren’t protected either. Marlon Devonish, British olympic relay medalist in Athens 2004 also suffers from the allergy. Along with a variety of injuries hay fever is something Marlon has had to deal with since being a child. Although Marlon does as much as possible to prevent it, Marlon’s allergy can also affect his performance. Tight chests and nasal passages prove to make even the smallest distance challenging for Marlon. However Marlon has not let his hay fever stop him doing the things that he loves, and you don’t have too either. Runny noses, sore eyes and sneezing are three of the worst and most common symptoms hay fever sufferers have to deal with, its just a case of learning to deal with them and manage them effectively. Some of things you can do to help include eating healthy and exercising, also there is one other suggestion…

  Natural hay fever products are the easy way of correcting this and ensuring that you are as healthy and happy as can be. Supplements come in many different forms and have a variety of functions including protecting eyes and clearing nose. Even if it is just taking one tablet a day you are still providing your body with the protection it needs to function effectively- Showing that it’s important to look after your body not just on the outside but inside too!
As most people new to natural hay fever supplements don’t know where to begin with so many products and chains, in an inspired Olympics style post – here are your bronze, silver and gold hay fever products on the market!
Gold – Herbal Hay fever Tablets: Most popular supplement on the market in combatting Hayfever but some people do not find it as effective

Silver – Hay fever Nasal Spray/Eye drops: Popular method that tends to help specific areas most affected by hay fever such as the eyes or nose
Bronze – Hay fever Teas: Not everyone’s cup of tea ( quite literally) but some people prefer it to consuming tablets

You may not be Marlon Devonish and may not be competing in the Olympics but you can still get a gold without hay fever worries. If you are interested in purchasing antioxidants that help maintain a healthy lifestyle why not visit, Nutrition Centre, an online health wholesaler who specialise in natural supplements. http://www.nutritioncentre.co.uk


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