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Hay fever in America

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(Allergies in the U.S.A)

Americans who spend half their time sneezing, rubbing itchy eyes and wiping their noses know all to well the reality of hay fever and the allergies that strikes in spring and fall. In the United States, it is estimated that a whopping 60 million people suffer from pollen allergies at that time.

The amount of pollen release varies even on a daily level. This is why websites publish daily allergy forecasts. If you are allergic, then you should check these out to see whether your city is going to be one of the worst hit today.

The most difficult part about hay fever is that it is literally impossible to keep it at bay since pollen is everywhere. Other than staying in the house for the whole of spring and fall, it is not easy to avoid the allergens. The most you can do to prevent hay fever is by keeping your car windows up at all times, coating your nostrils with Vaseline and staying well away from things that are known to trigger your allergies (ie: the countryside, dusty areas, animals etc…).

Some of the most pollen heavy trees in the United States are:

  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Elm
  • Mountain cedar

The pollen from these plants and more are potent at different times of the year and in different places. Some of the places which have trees with the highest pollen release in the western parts of the States would include Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Washington, Utah and California. Here, trees like the juniper and acacia start flowering as early as December.

In the South, Florida, Texas, Alabama and Georgia are among the hardest hit. The pollen season hits a little later here, around March and goes on till May. Trees like the Oak, walnut and elm abound here. Towards the north, hay fever hits a month later around April and continues up to May. New York, Ohio and New Jersey have a peak sneezing season at this time.

hay fever USA AmericaGrass pollens are not that prominent in the U.S. While there are over a thousand types of grass found in the country, just a few have pollen allergens. Grass pollen allergy hits the country in the spring and the summer. Tree allergies are not found in the summer season. Western United States has a long grass pollen season from February through November. So does the South and the North.

Treating hay fever is generally easy. One can take antihistamine tablets or liquids. For those who have it really bad, steroids are the only way out. Another upcoming form of treatment is immunotherapy. The best thing to do is keep a track of when and where hay fever season strikes. Do that and schedule a visit to your physician before you fall prey to it. Getting anti allergic treatment in advance will help in reducing some discomfort at least.

Other Countries and Hay Fever

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The below comments were posted prior to the website being rebuilt in July 2017:

#2 Allergies-Hayfever 2011-06-23 09:04


Hi I was wondering if anyone knows about a website that you can visit and type in a zip code and it tells you the level of allergy and pollen in the air I cant remember the site name but I cant find it can anyone help me thanks. 😛

I think this site here has that feature www.pollen.com/…/
Also there are some links to similar pollen forecast sites on the links page of the hayfever solutions website that you are on right now: [censored or spam filtered]://hayfeversolutio ns.com/links.html
I hope this helps.

#1 2011-06-03 08:22

Hi I was wondering if anyone knows about a website that you can visit and type in azip code and it tells you the level of allergy and pollin in the air I cant rember the site name but I cant find it can anyone help me thanks.


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