And the Secret is Yoghurt!

Well we have all heard the debate for dairy products and allergies, but is it now possible to relieve that “down in the dumps” feeling that is associated with hay fever allergies by eating a delicious dairy snack?

Yoghurt might just help you to relieve that stuffed up nose and those watery eyes get better quicker. And the great things is that eating yoghurt doesn’t involve having to eat any pills, syrups, or the use of an inhalers or nasal steroid.

Yogurt contains bacteria, which desensitizes the hay fever sufferer’s immunity to pollen. Frozen yogurt doesn’t act the same though. The live bacteria cultures just aren’t quite so “live” and active at 4 degrees Celsius. Research shows yogurt consuming hay fever sufferers to have shown only 10% of the symptoms displayed by those who don’t eat yogurt.