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I Don’t Get Hay Fever Any More!

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How “Hay Fever GEL” was invented

In the late 90s my company, New Zealand Pharmacology Ltd, was researching the published data on the exciting bioflavenoid quercetin. It has profound beneficial effects that could be made available for improving our health. One study was of particular interest. It looked at the synergy or quercetin, bromelain and vitamin C and particularly the synergistic effect on nasal mast cell’s ability to produce histamine. Because I used to suffer from hay fever the subject of histamine and noses was compelling.

Managing Director Guinea Pig!

We began putting together a carrier gel to deliver the active ingredients safely to the inside lining of my nose, this was the most risky part. The nasal mucosa is very sensitive, you have to be careful what you put in your nose! Trying one nostril at a time was a good idea. Our special gel was then independently tested on several groups of people. A particular bag of musty old clothes was, and still is, my standard allergen source. One sniff and I’m sneezing, the classic hay fever symptoms immediately present, swollen eyes, itchy throat. We tested concentrations and ratios of active ingredients in my nose, putting my face in the bag of musty clothes. 267 variations. Applying the product onto different parts on the nostril also changed things.

I don’t get hay fever any more!

It sure is exciting to have been involved in developing a product that now helps thousands of hay fever and sinus sufferers all over the world. We receive so many encouraging testimonials and emails from people all over the globe who are now using our Botanica Hayfever Gel.

Join the Hayfever Solutions facebook page to hear about some exclusive, free product giveaways that Botanica will be running very soon. You pay nothing: These not-to-be-sneezed-at give-aways during 2012 will be available world-wide, so whether you are a hayfever sufferer in Australia, the USA, the UK or wherever, we will be running some promotional product give-aways and covering the postage costs ourselves.

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