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Is the Butterbur Herb your Allergy Solution or Hay Fever Remedy?

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You are no doubt looking for a quick-fix solution to your own or someone else’s hay fever allergy.

Hay fever is amongst those conditions that many people don’t consider seeking medical attention for. They might put it off thinking that it’ll get better by itself or that it’s just the weather. However, hay fever can lead to worse situations like breathing problems if left untreated. One of the most effective natural, herbal remedies for hay fever treatment.

If you use butterbur products correctly, there is a good chance that it could make a huge difference to your struggle with hayfever!

Butterbur, a herbaceous perennial plant in the family Asteraceae, is an herb that is found in Europe, and in some parts of north Asia and North America. has been ground and processed to be added to herbal medication throughout the ages. Remedies for headache, cramps, asthma, and coughing normally contain this herb as well. The amazing thing is that research studies published by BBC News suggest that this herbal product may be as effective as conventional medicines used for treatment of hay fever. Swiss research found that this herb is equally helpful as antihistamines in treating hay fever. Furthermore, it lacks the calming results of most medicinal drugs.

The mysteries of how butterbur functions are still unknown. However, scientists imagine it works in a manner similar to allergy medicines. It obstructs the activity of histamines and provocative chemicals that trigger allergic attacks. Butterbur has been proven to be as competent as certain antihistamine drugs at banishing symptoms of hay fever. Also, higher doses of butterbur are seen to produce better results against hay fever allergy.


  • On the other hand, a substance called pyrrolizidine alkaloid is naturally present in Butterbur. These are toxic to the liver. They may cause cancer. It is mainly present in the rhizomes and stalks. Small quantities may be present in the leaves. The concentration varies depending on where the plant was grown. Therefore, make sure any Butterbur extract consumed has been prepared in a professional laboratory. The unprocessed herb and extracts or teas made from this unprocessed herb should be avoided at all costs.
  • If you are allergic to members of the ragweed family, like chrysanthemums, marigold, daisy, or ragweed itself, it is preferable not to use butterbur products. Butterbur is also a member of this ragweed family.
  • Use of butterbur may lead to indigestion, fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, constipation, or diarrhea.
  • People with liver or kidney diseases, pregnant or nursing women, and children should not use butterbur.
hayfever butterbur
Photo of Butterbur leaves

Butterbur products are conveniently available in local health stores and can also be ordered online.


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