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Does Botanica Hay fever Gel work and how effective is it in relieving your allergy and hay fever symptoms? Have your say and see what others are saying too. Please share your comments and experiences at the bottom of this page.

Hayfever Relief Treatment

Bloomsberry Botanica Hayfever Gel has been developed by New Zealand Pharmacology Ltd as a result of extensive research since 1999, conducted in our research facilities in New Zealand and Germany. Our focus is on biological, non toxic, drug-free control of the body’s immune response to airborne allergens, histamine production and hayfever symptoms.

Modes of Action

  • Delivers quercetin, bromelain and vitamin C to the nasal mucosa
  • Disrupts mast cells, inhibiting histamine production
  • Effect on all hayfever symptoms is fast and effective
  • No side effects
  • Enhances immune response to airborne allergens associated with hayfever
  • Soothes ad moisturises the nasal membrane
  • Creates a barrier protecting the immune system from airborne allergens

Quercetin, Bromelian and Vitamin C

Quercetin is a major dietary flavonoid, found in many common foods including apples and brasicas. Along with a variety of uses it is a powerful anti-inflammatory due to its effects on inflammation causing enzymes, it is anti-viral, inhibits tumor growth and protects the intestinal wall. Of particular interest is quercetin’s inhibition of histamine release by mast cells. The release of histamine from nasal mast cells causes all the symptoms of hayfever. Quercetin, bromelain, an enzyme from pineapple, and vitamin C are synergistic in their effect on nasal mast cell release of histamine.


There is a lot of data on Quercetin’s effects on histamine production, the data below inspired further work by New Zealand Pharmacology Ltd and others to create a useful treatment for hayfever.

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  • Quercetin inhibitor of histamine release Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. August 1981. Vol 127.
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#1 Mark & Marianne 2012-10-05 11:06

Over 8 years, we have had 100% customer satisfaction with this gel (and a lot of repeat and recommended custom) We also use it ourselves and now never need any other medication! email for more info info@centralone .co.nz or check out above Facebook link. Stop suffering!