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Allergy-Proof Your Home

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Having a loved one in the home suffering from allergy is never fun- especially when it’s one of the little ones. In such situations, you’ll want to make sure your home is as ‘allergy-safe’ as you can make it. There are a number of small changes to your home that you can make to help reduce the allergy troubles of the allergy sufferer. The few steps described below will help you to control the commonly recurring allergens as well as animal dander, pollen, mold, and dust mites.
Control your allergies in the home with the following tips

  • Throw away those dust collecting antiques in your home. That includes any stuffed toys, upholstered furniture, and bulky drapes.
  • Maintain a low level of humidity indoors as mold and dust mites rise in number under highly humid conditions. Place filters over your air vents.
  • Do not use ceiling fans.
  • Replace floors with tiles or wooden boards in place of carpets. Carpets collect more dust.
  • Provide an environment free of smoke to the child. Note: It is not sufficient to only leave the house while smoking. Try to give up smoking altogether – better for you and your family’s health.
  • If there are pets being kept in the home, the minimal precautions would be to keep them away from the child’s room. Also, make sure you wash the pet every week. This removes any allergens on the surface.
  • Avoid exposure of the child to molds. Keep him or her away from damp areas in the home or water-damaged basements. Do check under those carpets.
  • Wash all the stuffed animals and bedding in warm water every seven to fourteen days. Now, these are just a few tips. If your child suffers from polyester allergy, this will help reduce symptoms.

There are myriads of allergy control techniques out there. Which one worked best for you? Discuss your favorite allergy-control tip in the comments section below!


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